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Automated database insurance verification solutions and web service systems for State Governments.

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    Validati® announces plans to expand its web services. In addition the company will expand its offering to include various collection and fulfillment services.

    Join the California Web Services

    Validati® invites all registered insurance companies in the State of California to join the on-line verification system. The California Web Services has been "live" since 2009 and we continue to add new insurance companies.

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    ValiTrak® Financial Responsibility

    Most states recognize the need to address the problem with uninsured drivers. Programs that address this problem range from receipt of insurance information from carriers doing business in the state, to sampling programs, to reactive programs that require only information from motorists who have demonstrated behavior that poses a potential risk. Each of these programs requires a specialized knowledge in insurance verification and tracking which is better suited for professionals who understand these requirements.

    Through ValiTrak® Financial Responsibility, we have the experience to handle all sorts of insurance tracking solutions for state government. You can establish the parameters for tracking any segment of your constituent database to ensure compliance with your objectives. We offer full non-compliance Financial Responsibility monitoring systems combined with an Event-Based Driver Verification Solution.

    Web Service

    Validati® built the largest web service solution in the Country. The California Department of Motor Vehicles currently utilizes this technology and Validati® continues support for the product as well as actively communicating with Insurance Carriers to streamline the entire process. This event based system is used to verify financial responsibility at a point-in-time (registration, renewal, law enforcement, etc.). The online solution utilizes the insurance policy and VIN to send a request to the insurance company to verify the existence of coverage. In addition, Validati® creates a pointer file used to accurately identify the vehicle.

    Database Monitoring

    Validati® operates a Database Monitoring insurance verification program for the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Devision, providing real time data, all print and mailing services, and a multilingual call center located in the State. Validati® matches the insurance records received from the licensed insurance companies to the registration database to accurately identify which vehicles are uninsured. Validati®‘s design allows for direct interface between its database and government entities and insurance companies.

    Random Verification

    Validati® operated a random insurance verification program for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, providing all of the administrative services including call center and fulfillment activities. Constituents of Ohio were required to send adequate insurance information showing coverage on a specific date. All documents were processed by Validati®‘s trained customer service representatives. In 2019 the program ended. Ohio does not have any electronic program verifying insurance.

    To learn more about how our financial responsibility tracking solutions can help you, call us at 330.655.7207 or email us at info@validati.com.