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Scalable automobile and mortgage loan insurance verification and collateral tracking systems.

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    Validati® announces plans to expand its web services. In addition the company will expand its offering to include various collection and fulfillment services.

    Join the California Web Services

    Validati® invites all registered insurance companies in the State of California to join the on-line verification system. The California Web Services has been "live" since 2009 and we continue to add new insurance companies.

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    In today’s economy, the risk of uninsured collateral from either a home or car has greatly increased. In many cases, insurance tracking for compliance is a requirement. Whether your institution is required to do this or you are looking for a cost effective high quality solution to manage this risk, our programs are the perfect answer.

    We price our insurance tracking solutions services on a fee-for-collateral tracked, based on the bundle of tracking services you request. You decide which services you want to use. We price our programs on the selection of those services and the volume.

    To learn more call us at 330.655.7207 or email us at financialinstitutions@validati.com.