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Validati® offers customized integrated insurance solutions that will meet your outsource needs.

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    Validati® announces plans to expand its web services. In addition the company will expand its offering to include various collection and fulfillment services.

    Join the California Web Services

    Validati® invites all registered insurance companies in the State of California to join the on-line verification system. The California Web Services has been "live" since 2009 and we continue to add new insurance companies.

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    The process of maintaining accurate insurance records to insure valid and adequate coverage is a tedious and complicated task requiring specialized knowledge and commitment. Validati® provides that desired solution and eliminates your need to staff and manage entry level and customer service positions. We provide low-cost alternatives to in-house processing with flexible and transaction-based pricing.

    Financial Institutions

    Validati® markets comprehensive insurance tracking solutions, through a service known as ValiTrak®, nationally to financial institutions and credit unions of all sizes. We can also integrate our insurance tracking solutions with any current insurance programs you may have implemented.

    State Governments

    Financial responsibility laws enacted by state legislatures have proven an effective means for addressing the uninsured motorist problem. To receive the benefit from this legislation, insurance tracking for compliance needs to be an integral part of any monitoring process. This follow-up not only aids in reducing the number of uninsured motorists, but also creates additional revenues from suspension and reinstatement fees. Just as with any heavy transaction based program, this verification process is extremely tedious and labor intensive with both scheduled and unplanned peaks and valleys from the various work types.

    To learn more about how our insurance tracking solutions can help you, call us at 330.655.7207 or email us at info@validati.com.