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Insurance tracking and verification services for financial institutions and state governments.

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    CELCOTM specializes in debt recovery services for delinquent consumer and commercial accounts.

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    • History

      1986: Start of it All…

      We started as Automated Tracking Systems (ATS), a company providing computerized insurance tracking solutions for financial institutions. Our initial business was derived from a single client.

      1992: The Launch of QDS

      During the early years we set the stage for the diversification that followed. In 1992, we launched Quality Data Solutions (QDS) which provided data entry, order fulfillment, telemarketing and printing and mailing services to a variety of businesses, political entities and public sector organizations. QDS concentrated on value-added telemarketing services to financial institutions and automobile dealerships.

      2001: The Formation of Validati®

      Automated Tracking Solutions and Quality Data Solutions were combined into Validati® to enhance the service to financial institutions and state governments. Today Validati® provides the same comprehensive insurance verification and information technology services but has enhanced its offering to include technology services and new product features.

      2006: The State of California Financial Monitoring Program

      Validati® was awarded a contract by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to monitor compliance with the state vehicle financial responsibility laws. Validati®‘s solution was designed, implemented, and maintained by the company’s internal staff. The program became operational in the fall of 2006.

      2009: The State of California Web Services

      In the spring of 2009, Validati® was awarded the contract to build and support an online verification solution for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The Vehicle Registration Financial Responsibility (VRFR) program is used to verify that auto insurance exists on a vehicle by sending a web services request to participating insurance companies. The program launched November 12, 2009.

      2010: The State of Ohio Random Verification Program

      In the spring of 2010, Validati® was awarded the contract with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to monitor compliance of the state’s motor vehicle financial responsibility laws. The program launched August 4, 2010.

      2011: The State of New Mexico Insurance Database Program

      In the summer of 2011, Validati® was awarded the contract to verify automobile insurance for the registered drivers in the State of New Mexico. The program launched October 3, 2011.

      2018 – PASCO® moves offices

      Since 1990 PASCO® maintained its Headquarters at 1140 Terex Road. In September 2018, PASCO® moved to a new Operation Center. The move was made to better align our physical space requirements with the support required by our clients. Our new location is still in Hudson at 5600 Hudson Industrial Parkway, Suite 200.