Customized insurance tracking products for State Government.

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Validati® Products

Validati® announces plans to expand services offered on-line to its financial institution customers.

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Approved Legislation

The State of Illinois has approved legislation for the design and implementation of an Online Insurance Verification System. The system will allow drivers to verify proof of Auto Insurance through an online portal.

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Why Choose Us?

Validati combines the knowledge of experts in product development with our technical staff, and the ability to manage large back-office processes.

Robust Technology

Through our proprietary VeriTrak™ technology, Validati has the platform to quickly modify letters and the frequency and timing of events. VeriTrak™ is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic.NET® and Microsoft ASP.NET®. The applications have been built using a combination of web forms and console applications. Web forms allow PASCO to quickly respond to changing needs since they do not require distribution to all client PCs. Console application allow us to easily automate program execution and reduce operator intervention. The databases supporting our applications are all built using Microsoft SQL® Server. Validati has built dozens of insurance verification systems for banks and state government.

Mail, Fulfillment, & Scanning

Validati owns automated equipment which folds, meters and seals the mailings. Validati also has a high-speed color laser printer that can print over 7,500 letters per hour. All forms development is done in-house. Validati also owns state-of-the-art scanning equipment capable of scanning more than 250,000 documents per month. This technology has been used to not only capture the image and preserve it for historical purposes, but it also facilitates our document management to route the forms for processing in the most efficient manner.

Call Center

Validati has a 150 person Call Center that has taken hundreds of thousands of calls monthly supporting numerous insurance tracking verification programs. Our multilingual Call Center utilizes the Noble Telephone System for a complete telephone solution to streamline the communications process. Intelligent call routing for incoming, outgoing and blended communications ensures that calls are handled quickly and effectively based on your unique business rules. Noble Systems ( is a global leader in the customer communications industry.

Validati has supported a national inbound phone center for numerous financial institutions all over the country and the state of California, New Mexico, and Ohio. Validati has answered millions of insurance verification calls annually. Validati has skilled managers who are sensitive to the needs of customers who are attempting to resolve insurance compliance issues. Validati utilizes a telephone switch and call management software.

Web Services

Validati has built the largest Financial Responsibility Web Service program in the entire nation. Validati built this program for the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles. The web service is a great add on product to the full monitoring program, to ensure the most up-to-date information on the insurance status of a vehicle.

Data Capture & Managing The Insurance Database

Validati has electronically processed millions of insurance transactions for a number of states and financial institutions. Validati utilizes proprietary algorithms to ensure processing accuracy and performs statistical analysis that monitors match rates by carriers to ensure consistent performance. Validati's design allows for a direct interface between its database and the government entities and insurance companies. Our programs to receive insurance files and match the data to driver records were established over 30 years ago for financial institutions, including GMAC on a national basis. Our programs consistently match over 98% of all insurance documents to the registration database. A recent independent audit of the match was conducted by Ciuni and Panichi,, confirming this match rate.

Controls & Reporting

Validati has an entire operating culture built around insurance verification programs. Our facilities, technology, reporting systems, hiring practices, disaster recovery plans, and financial management systems are built for these types of programs. We have models for staffing that we have used for over 30 years and tested systems that support our Operation and properly measure key program results.

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